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Welcome to the news section of the site.

This section is filled with all sorts of information on the band, straight from Kong Studios, Gorillaz HQ.

As soon as we get the latest info on the band, it will be posted here.

Archived News

Baby You're A Star (29/1)

Whatcha! 2005 looks to be an explosive year for the Kong four piece and you'll want to look for some new bio stuff to let you know how the gang bave been and new site designs coming your way very soon on About time!

In other news, Search For A Star is up and running and we want YOU to submit your best work over the coming weeks! The competition winner will get a room in Kong Studios decorated to their taste and will get to collaborate with Gorillaz in the future!

To check out the Search For A Star competition, click here.

In other news, there's a new Gorillaz track called Dirty Harry floating around and being played by Radio 1's Zane Lowe & Steve Lamacq. You kids might want to listen for that. As soon as we suss out who else is playing Dirty Harry we'll have web links up for you to listen to those stations!


It Lives Again (25/11)

Those of you on the official mailing list will have noted the email sent out this week reading REJECT FALSE ICONS and notifying you that looks set for a relaunch on 8th December at 12pm GMT. You have been warned!


Drade Kong Live (27/7)

Having emerged from the wondrous Kong Studios after the band kept me tied up in one of the back rooms, I can confirm that they have been working hastily on their comeback album, which shall be universally released sometime in early 2005 from what they tell me. So prepare your Christmas stockings because Santa's going to be bringing a belated present this year... Hail Santa!

I've heard bits and pieces of the album and it's no small secret that all of those celebrity parties have started to pay off... Gorillaz have harvested the talents of those who hail all over the world, be it the Isle of Wight or Brooklyn, whether they buzz round the honeycombs or scamper from cats or be they bionic beings of Art-Official Intelligence, they're all lining up to work with The Great Gorillaz.

From what I hear, they're even lining up a tour to bring Gorillaz back to the masses to support this new album (which, by the way, I've heard in its current state and I tell you it's bumping). You all know how those record labels work, so expect news of the first single shortly. Oh, and expect a redesign of all of these websites too...


Runaway Firebird (2/10)

It has come to our attention that the owner of the 1980 Firebird which Murdoc drove around the release of the last album has put it up for sale! You might have remembered seeing it in the carpark on, where it contained several dubby goodies over the last few years... if you want to drive it round your neighbourhood then go here to place a bid.

Mind you, it's not Murdoc that's selling it, just one of his mates, so don't go planning any elaborate kidnap acts here...


Aussie Doubles Champions (2/9)

It would appear, judging by a post on the band's Australian record label's website, that the debut album will be released as a 2 CD set alongside Laika Come Home in Australia on the 29th of September 2003.

In other news, I've been asked by some fan called Aaron Weezer182Skater or something to re-assure you all that the next Gorillaz album is in pre-production stage. The band have repeatedly referred to this on the message boards, and their old friend Damon Albarn claims that he's going to have another hand in it, as shown on the NME site here. No prizes for guessing what Murdoc thinks about that...

You also might want to check out the fan links page, which has been updated.


Where It's At (31/7)

Y'all been worried? I hope not. There hasn't been much news I know, but Gorillaz keep popping up every now and then on the new message boards and are very excited about the upcoming film it should be said. Here at we've been promised some "very special news" very soon, but you all know what soon means around these parts!

In other news, we realise that our fan centre section has got a bit rusty - not unlike Murdoc's Winnebago - so it's time to freshen it up! I know there are lots of folks that have sent in links to their Gorillaz fansites, so I reckon it's time to give the fan links page a bit of a makeover! Let's make it the most comprehensie Gorillaz fansite listing out there! Everyone please e-mail us your links!

Finally - check this out! We've found this little article by Gorillaz fan Ash. What devotion! Also, you might notice that from here on in, you will be able to leave comments on the news page about each entry! Go on, tell everyone what you think about the latest news entries...


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