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Gorillaz Go Vegas (14/6)

Demon Days Live at the Apollo will be getting its premier film screening on Friday at the CineVegas film festival. The event is free and will be taking place on the 16th of June at 6pm (and possibly again at 10pm although this is unconfirmed). Do check the time of the show with the venue. The show will be at Brenden Theatres inside Palms Casino Springs and it is our understanding at present that it will be free to the public as well as CineVegas passholders. For more info: click here.


Protect The Human (10/6)

A heads up to those of you who are in London or can get there over the next week: Gorillaz will be part of the Urban Outfitters & Amnesty International "Protect The Human" exhibit, taking place at the Urban Outfitters at 36-38 High Street Kensington this week. Although there is a private function on Monday night, the exhibition of over 100 photographs will be open to the public from 13-18 June. One of the focal points of the event will be a large image of Noodle with her own Protect The Human sign, so if you're interested in checking out some art for a good cause, head over to the Urban Outfitters.


Murdoc Is Reborn (and other tales) (7/6)

A very happy birthday to the Spawn of Stoke, Murdoc Niccals who yesterday turned 40 and was prompty reborn from the hell hole of Kong Studios. A special event indeed. Have you got his demon seed in your veins? Dr. Fluffchester has the answer...

As a result, to celebrate, we're giving away lots of goodies to commemorate his birthday as well as the launch of the GES - Gorillaz Entertainment System. Click here to visit the competition page for our first major competition of the summer, Spot The Ball. If you can find where Muds has thrusted the ball, you could win GES games, t-shirts, posters and more!

Big style props to Gorillaz voice coach and influence Damon Albarn who picked up an Ivor Novello songwriting award last week. No comment yet from Murdoc, presumably since Demon Days was Noodle's album!

Essential Gorillaz is a special running on MTV all over the world this month. Check out the latest dates below! Check your local listings to confirm accurate show times!

MTV June 7, 11
MTV2 June 8, 9

MTV Denmark Jun-14 @ 8p, Jun-17 @ 2330
MTV European Jun-07 @ 2030, Jun-10 @ 1830
MTV Finland Jun-18 @ 1530
MTV France Jun-07 @ 2125, Jun-14 @ 2100
MTV Germany Jun-09 @ 0130
MTV Italy Jun-10 @ 2400, Jun-22 @ 2400
MTV Netherlands Jun-10 @ 1530, Jun-18 @ 1730
MTV Norway Jun-07 @ 1930
MTV Poland Jun-07 @ 2300, Jun-11 @ 1800
MTV Portugal Jun-17 @ 1100
MTV Romania Jun-11 @ 2130, Jun-14 @ 1400
MTV Spain Jun-09 @ 2230, Jun-11-06 @ 1400
MTV Sweden Jun-10 @ 1600
MTV UK Jun-11 @ 1800, Jun-12 @ 1930

MTV Russia week of June 5th (1premiere+2 repeats)

Will air week of June 5th

MTV Brazil Jun-7 @ 1600, Jun-9 @ 1100

MTV Canada Jun-10 @ 0100

MTV China week of June 5th
MTV Korea week of June 12th
MTV Mandarin week of June 5th
MTV SAM week of June 12th
MTV Phillippines week of June 5th
MTV Indonesia week of June 12th
MTV Thailand week of June 5th
MTV India week of June 5th
MTV Australia week of June 5th.


Murdoc DNA/Demon Days MTV/Designer of the Year (24/5)

Catching you up on all the latest in the world of Gorillaz:

First off, do you reckon you might be related to Murdoc? Dr. Fluffchester has got a DNA lab online where you can see whether or not it's likely that The Niccals is your actual father. Check it out! for more...

Up next, MTV in the states is going to be screening the Demon Days Live shows from the Apollo in New York. MTV2 will be showing the gig on June 5 at a time to be determined, and MTV will be showing the gig on June 7 at 10am and June 11 at 1.30am!

Finally, we've been alerted that Gorillaz chief photographer and image consultant Jamie Hewlett has won the award for Designer of the Year! Well done to Jamie! Here's what we've learned...

Jamie Hewlett was named as Designer of the Year – the UK’s most prestigious design prize – at the Design Museum on the evening of 22 May by this year’s chair of the jury Christopher Frayling, rector and professor of cultural history of the Royal College of Art and chairman of Arts Council England. Frayling said "Jamie Hewlett has not only created a personal mythology with the virtual band Gorillaz, he has also created designs for the direction in which technology and culture are going – the shape of things to come."

In accepting his award Hewlett said "it's great to win this award it really is... but I can't take responsibility for Gorillaz on my own, there's a huge team of people who put this together." Murdoc Niccals for one...


Murdoc Imposters/Webby Awards (15/5)

First off, this message just in from Kong Studios:

""Do you look suspiciously like Murdoc?" Think something's amiss? Get ready with your pics of you as Murdoc'd up as you can and check back here later."

That's right folks, something very special is coming up and we want you to show us how much you look like Muds - get those cameras snapping and watch this space!

In other news, we are very proud to announce that Gorillaz have been awarded the prestigious Artist of the Year award at the Webby's for 2006. The awards are on June 12th in New York City, and here at the fan site we have it on good authority that Murdoc and 2-D are going over to pick up their gong! For more info, click here.


Multimedia Addition/Editors Cover (5/5)

We have continued beefing up the multimedia section of the website - in addition to being able to view all Gorillaz videos past and present, we've added more to the downloads area of the site. We've been sent a cover version of Feel Good Inc. from the band Editors and you can now download it over in the multimedia section! The cover version was broadcast live on Jo Whiley's Radio 1 show.

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